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Bringing Light in a Time of Darkness

We are children quickly tired:
children who are up in the night and fall asleep as the rocket is fired;
and the day is long for work or play.
We tire of distraction or concentration, we sleep and are glad to sleep.
Controlled by the rhythm of blood and the day and the night and the seasons.
And we must extinguish the candle, put out the light and relight it;
Forever must quench, forever relight the flame.
Therefore we thank Thee for our little light, that is dappled with shadow.
We thank Thee who hast moved us to building, to finding,
to forming at the ends of our fingers and beams of our eyes.
– T. S. Eliot, “Choruses from the Rock”

How many of you are feeling overloaded? (And how could you not be?) The scope of the tragedy, fear, dishonesty, hatred, confusion and hostility we are being bombarded with daily is overwhelming. I am with you. You wonder if you are doing enough and if anything you are doing can truly make a difference. It can.

In the midst of all the chaos, the words of the spiritual community sound like tiny little raindrops. They are raindrops falling on a blazing hot political roof, evaporating as quickly as they hit the surface. It is so important that we take breaks from the heat of this moment, from the debate, to find some place cooler, and return to what we know to be true.

What are some pieces of Truth that you can hold onto and return to as needed? One simple phrase that keeps going through my mind as a mantra is, “Love Wins.” In recent days, I’ve felt as if Voldemort, the White Witch, the Eye of Sauron, Darth Vader and all the rest have come to life. We are living in a time which, unfortunately, makes “sense” of all the mythology we’ve ever heard. I keep thinking of Pandora’s Box – the box filled with hateful energies and entities that is opened and released. Once opened, it is all but impossible to put them all away again. And the energy touches all of us.

candles-9235_1920But then I see the faces of the women with their pink and black caps, the brave undocumented students speaking at a press conference, the trans teenager holding up a poster about love and tolerance, hear of the actions of Muslims repairing Jewish cemeteries desecrated by hate, and I know that we are here. We are the less visible Narnians, the Hobbits, the young witches and wizards with a powerful Force enabling us to hold onto Truth. That force is Love or what the Dalai Lama terms “kindness.” It sounds impotent and benign in the face of injustice, cruelty, and deliberate hatred. But our truly great leaders knew it was the most powerful force on earth.

Stay in this moment. Don’t get ahead or look behind. Breathe. Hang onto the words of your favorites: Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Buddha, Julian of Norwich, Jesus, Isaiah, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Lao Tzu, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Rumi, Abraham Heschel, Byron Katie, Starhawk, Otis Moss, Esther Hicks, Jack Kornfield, Paramahansa Yogananda, or whoever speaks the language of your soul. Carry those words, those thoughts, that bright energy everywhere you go – and when you lose it, stop. Take the time to regain your balance. Do whatever you do to find it.

All of those who bring Light into this world know true power is rooted in compassion, in Love, in peace. Light will prevail, but not without walking through the darkness. We know that all great quests require fortitude. It is our turn to light our lanterns, our wands, our candles, our inner flames and brighten the way.


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